Home Automation, Modular Kitchen Company in Kolkata

NestDesign provides a complete solution for Home Automation System along with our kitchen modular and interior work. Home Automation Includes Motorized Curtains, Smart Switches & Sockets, Motion Sensors, Light Sensors, Universal Remote, IR Remote, and more upgraded digitalized systems to make your home truly smart.

Your home will become as smart as you! Our Home Automation will make your home smarter. Home automation gives you access to control devices in your home from a smartphone anywhere in the world.

Motorize Curtain :

One of the most interesting automation provided by us, motorized curtains or just simply automatic curtains. Yes, you are reading it right! You don’t need to pull your curtain every time to open & close. It can be control by smartphone or simply a remote. It’s a luxury one of a kind; just imagine your curtains getting opened at the time of sunrise to wake you up.

Motion Sensors :

It will detect physical movement and motions of a person to on/off any electrical/electronic devices. For example, when you enter from the main entrance of your home, a motion sensor will detect your presence and it will turn on the light and turn it off after a certain time when no one presents near to the gate. So from your main entrance to the toilet, you really can think about implementing this useful technology to save energy and concentrate more into your important works rather than thinking about light or fan.

Smart Switches and Sockets :

This is the most useful part of your smart home. It even works through Wifi & Smartphone. By these switches and sockets you can control your home appliances from Smartphone. We can also configure it with Alexa and Google Home to make your home smarter and you can control your home appliances by Voice Command or finger touch through Alexa & Google Home console.

Universal Remote :

Just put your TV remote or AC remote or any IR remote into the box, no you really don’t need them. Just one small device and your smartphone, that’s all you need to, control these gadgets. The fun will begin when you control TV channels, volume or AC temperature just by voice command or a touch from your smartphone because we will configure this with Alexa & Google Home.

IR Remote :

We also are providing a smart solution for fewer technology users or having not a great knowledge of smartphone, they can control their home appliances simply by remote.