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4 Best Home Automation Control Systems for Smart Home

It is the central system that helps in controlling all the smart devices in your home by using signal transmission. The best of the home automation control systems are using the high technologies of X10, UPB, Z-wave, and Zigbee.


This has increased the quality of signal transmission, and now the smart devices can be operated even from long range (with the app, it can work from outside home also). Make sure to get in touch with the best interior design company in Kolkata to get the best solutions and ideas at affordable rates to enjoy utmost comfort.


4 best smart home hub:


The following devices are best in the market as per customer review on different eCommerce sites. All the devices given below can connect different types of smart devices at the same time so that all of them can be operated by one central control unit, be that a remote or an app.


I. Samsung SmartThings Hub


This Smart hub works perfectly with the Samsung Smart app and helps to connect many devices at the same time. You can easily control the music system, light, fan, television, security lock, and everything with utmost convenience.


  • . Wireless connection
  • . Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android operating system
  • . Power source – 4AAA batteries
  • . Technology used Z-wave
  • . Battery life 10 hours
      • . Indoor usage purpose
      • . Very easy to use and connect

      Why choose this?

      Samsung has brand value, and there are service centers easily available. Moreover, the technology Z-wave has very powerful signal transmitting system which will make the smart home operation much more convenient. Presently, this is top-rated as per customer reviews.

      II. Wink Connected Home Hub



      Connect all your favorite devices effortlessly to one system and sit back with your phone to operate it. Now, forget running here and there all over the house. Your home control is just one touch away with home automation advancements.
      • It easily connects to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
      • Apart from the technologies mentioned above, it can also connect well with Kidde’s RF-equipped devices and LutronClearConnect
      • It doesn’t require a battery power source to work
      • A complete wireless connection requires a Wi-Fi signal to work
      • This is made up of high-quality material
      Why choose this?

      This is by far one of the most efficient as well as affordable product that one can opt for. It is tested, verified and comes with a warranty. So if you want to connect all your smart devices and control them at a go, seek help from the best company that offers the best interior design in Kolkata along with automation solutions.

      III. Revolv M1 Smart Home Automation Solution


      This is by far, one of the most convenient home automation control systems. It helps in the quick and fast transmission of the signal and connects all smart devices with one interface. It is small, compact and has a very stylish look.


      • 60-second setup
      • Batteries not required
      • Latest technology and design
      • Google-Nest support added
      • Compatible with the following devices like Speakers, Thermostats, Insteon devices, etc.
      • LED display

      Why choose this?

      In case you are planning to build a proper smart home, not all your devices need to be from the same company. The best part about this smart home automation system is that you can connect different devices of a different brand with this. Revolv has the power to connect various other devices with the same interface.


      Along with that, you will get this in good money value.


      IV. Vera Control VeraPlus-US Smart Home Controller Hub


      With the Z-wave and Zigbee technology, Vera has created a smart home hub that will help to keep a check on all the smart devices. No matter wherever it is installed in the house, it will work properly.


      • It can connect 200 sensors
      • Operate it from anywhere
      • Power source- AC
      • Display Style: LED button
      • It has a power adapter included with it
      • New triggers for faster response
      • Extremely User-friendly

      Why choose this?

      It is compatible with a wide range of brands and different operating systems. The best facility that comes is, it will help in developing a smart, single-unit control for better usage. Along with that, you will get brand value and a guarantee for the best smart home.


      All the above product prices are quoted on average, and you can check all of these at Amazon.

      4 common advantages of using home automation control systems

      Here are some common features and benefits that one can have by using this smart device:

      1. Get notification

      Getting alerts and notifications are very important. With this, you will be able to have a complete idea of what is happening at your house even when you won’t be at home.

      2. A smart hub for better security

      One of the best advantages that one can get from this is enhanced security. You can connect your smart door lock with smart hub and get to know immediately if any mischief or mishandling is happening at your home. Moreover, when it comes to the installation of a security camera, the smart hub will connect it to one interface.


      Now, whether you are at home or outdoors, keeping an eye at the interior will be no big deal. Hiring the best interior design company in Kolkata offers the peace of mind to get things in order without putting much effort.


      3. Save energy

      If you forget to turn off the smart devices, it won’t be a problem anymore as you can just operate the smart control hub from your phone and get it done properly. The added advantage is that all these smart devices work on a battery power source. So, this reduces the power consumption to a great level.


      4. Save money

      At first go, you might think that this is a huge investment but just think logically that, it will be a one-time investment. So, once you install a smart hub and connect it with smart devices, you don’t have to pay so much of the extra electricity bill at the end of every month.


      If you want to be smart and save for yourself, it is the time that you seek help from the best interior design company in Kolkata and have superior control of your house. Start planning to make your home smart!